slide1Challenging The Future.Los Angeles. New York. Tokyo. Nagoya.
Redefining business in an ever changing global economy.
slide2Business Process Outsourcing.Customer Relationship Management Services.
Document processing services.
Finance and Adminstration sevices.
slide3Human Resources GoalsWhich definition of HR management is right for your business?
What's the cost of Human Resources Management?

E-Times Corporation Ltd., is a global business process outsourcing firm that specializes in providing accounting, financial management, procurement outsourcing and human resource management services. E-Times Corporation Ltd. provides resources to some of the world’s high-performance businesses with a concentration in the IT field. We strive forth with a vision to build a long-term relationship with our clients in an ever-changing global climate whilst delivering outstanding attention and management, utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced development techniques, around the world.

Global Challenges